Lot 41-832 - 1929 Mosin Nagant M1895 7.62 Nagant/7.62x38mmR DA/SA Revolver

Soviet made Nagant M1895 7.62x38mmR 7 Shot Double Action Revolver.  A rare piece of history out of the former USSR in good overall condition.  This gun features checkered wooden grips and a side loading gate.  The bore and rifling are very clean with a high shine.  This gun was produced in two versions: a DA/SA version for officers, and a cheaper single-action version for the lower ranks.  This revolver is DA/SA.  An interesting fact about this revolver is that it has a mechanism which, as the hammer is cocked, first turns the cylinder and then moves it forward, closing the gap between the cylinder and the barrel.  By sealing the gap, the velocity of the bullet is increased by 15 to 45 m/s (50 to 150 ft/s.) This feature also eliminates the possibility of injury from gases escaping through the gap, which can injure a finger if the user holds the gun with a finger positioned beside the gap.  Comes with leather pouch/holster.